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All balloon releases (race) carried out by use follow The Guidelines and Code of Conduct

(see below) line set out by NABAS the balloon association.

Code of Conduct


NABAS is very aware of its responsibilities to the environment. This Code of Conduct was produced to formalise the principles for balloon releases, which have long been the standard for the Industry. It is extremely important that everyone adheres to this code in the interest of safeguarding the environment.


1. Only natural latex rubber balloons will be used for Releases


Latex, being an organic product degrades naturally in the environment. Balloons made of any material other than latex and in particular foil balloons (often referred to as Mylar) should not be used for Releases.


2. All components used in balloon releases must be biodegradable


Balloons must be hand tied, plastic valves should not be used. Any attached labels must be of paper, preferably recycled.


3. Only helium gas should be used to inflate the balloons


Helium is an inert lighter-than-air gas. As the balloon rises, the gas expands until eventually the balloon bursts producing small fragments, which aid decomposition.


4. No ribbons or strings must be attached to the balloons


Ribbons and strings represent a potential problem and must never be used in balloon releases. Labels should be attached via the hand tied balloon knot.


5. Balloons must always be launched singly


Single balloons disperse easily and quickly. They must never be tied together in bunches for balloon releases.


6. Full approval must be obtained from the relevant authorities


Releases exceeding 5000 balloons should not take place unless they have been cleared in advance with all relevant air traffic and local authorities. The Authorities must be notified in writing at least 28 days prior to the release.


7. Maximum balloon size


Balloons larger than 12“ can not be released. It is forbidden to use balloons containing any metallic pigment.


8. All balloons sold near balloon releases must be weighted


Any balloons sold in the vicinity of a balloon release must be sold with a weight attached to ensure they cannot escape. Foil Balloons must never be released. Latex balloons with a plastic valve and ribbon must also be weighted.